Liqueur de Noix, Maison Denoix Brive

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Denoix, a family story

the house denoix

the house denoix

Welcome to the Denoix Distillery, founded in 1839 in Brive la Gaillarde in the department of Corrèze

in the Limousin region of France; we would like to acquaint you with the regional specialities we produce.

Our artisanal and ancestral know-how guarantees the quality of our liqueurs and aperitif

drinks based on walnuts and other fruit, all guaranteed to be free from colouring, preservatives and added flavour.

We work in the same way as we did in the 19th century, since we want to retain our heritage and

our know-how in addition to quality and taste.

A visit to our winery and cellar will persuade you that a vibrant and authentic tradition still exists.

Come and taste the well-known “Quinquinoix” and the famous “Suprême Denoix”,

not to mention the “Violet Mustard of Brive”, all jewels in the crown of the culinary heritage of our region.

Our aperitifs and liqueurs are guaranteed to be free from colouring, preservatives, added flavour and additives.


Hour history

the founders

Our history goes back four generations who handed down the secrets needed to make our specialities.

Following the foundation of the distillery by Pierre Lacoste in 1839, he was joined by Louis Denoix and its history began.

louis denoix
The famous “Suprême de Noix” was invented. At the turn of the century, the distillery was prosperous with 9 employees and a variety of specialities.

The grandfather, Elie Denoix, increased the number of new products and started to make violet mustard.

elie denoix

the new generation


new generation

The father, Bernard Denoix, established the reputation of the firm and started making Violet Mustard again in 1986. Since 1991, we have been keeping the flame alight, constantly seeking to maintain quality.