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Distilleries in the Southwestern Corrèze Department of France

The 19th century witnesses the flowering of a number of regional distilleries. In Brive-la-Gaillarde, notably, no fewer than ten establishments were created to answer the local demand in aperitifs and extra fine liqueurs. The latter are particularly appreciated at the end of a meal for their sweet taste and digestive qualities.

Jasmin, the Occitan poet, referred to Brive-la-Gaillarde as the “cheerful gateway to the south of France”. Located to the north of the Charente and Gers departments, the liqueur makers of Brive have lived up to their reputation, working lovingly with Cognac and Armagnac, the precious eaux-de-vie of the Southwest!

Other notable wine influences include that of Bordeaux, of course, but also of Cahors and Bergerac. These terroirs have always been associated with the concoction of walnut wines, ratafias and other high quality aperitifs.

A 180-year Family History

Maison Denoix is the oldest of the 19th century distilleries of Brive, and is one of the very few still in operation. The family history spans five generations that have handed down the secrets of their trade and nurture a true taste heritage.
Une histoire de famille
Une histoire de famille
Pierre Lacoste establishes the distillery in 1839 by perfecting his Triple Sec Curaçao. Louis Denoix soon joins him; following Pierre Lacoste’s death, he takes over the business. He creates the Suprême Denoix, a flavourful walnut liqueur, also famous at the time for its stomachic, antipyretic, cholera-fighting and deworming properties! Today, the Curaçao and Suprême liqueurs are still produced according to the same ancestral recipes.
Une histoire de famille
Later, the family business is taken over par Louis’s son Elie Denoix, who is responsible for a number of new creations, as well as the rediscovery of the Moutarde Violette de Brive.
Une histoire de famille
His son Bernard Denoix is credited for broadening the brand recognition as well as for relaunching, in 1986, the production of the Moutarde Violette, today an internationally renowned product.
Une histoire de famille
Since 1991, Sylvie Denoix-Vieillefosse and Laurent Vieillefosse have attentively tended to the business, while constantly thriving for the highest quality.
Une histoire de famille
In 2019, they had the double pleasure of celebrating Maison Denoix’s 180th anniversary, and of welcoming their successors: daughter Marie and son-in-law Paul Bastier, who in turn stepped into the distillery history.

Denoix, c'est aussi une cave à découvrir !

Connue pour ses liqueurs et ses apéritifs, la Distillerie Denoix recèle aussi une belle  ...

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