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An Ancestral Tradition

Today, liqueurs are a little known but heritage-rich category of spirits that bear witness to an ancestral tradition inherited from the 19th century. Enjoyed as a digestive drink in the past, sweet and fruity flavoured liqueurs drew the perfect close to a meal.
Nowadays, liqueurs are adapting to new consumption habits and making a comeback. You will love the authentic taste of our history-laden products in your cocktails, as a digestive drink, or in your cooking/favourite recipes.


Our 19th Century Still

the Centrepiece of Liqueur Concoction

We work with a copper bain marie (double bottomed) Charentais pot still over an coal fire. The liqueur master’s task involves the extraction of the fruit or plant aromas in order to flavour the alcohol. The distillation technique promotes the powerful concentration of the aromatic substances and enables the finest selection by weeding out the “bad tastes”.
First we macerate the plants or the fruits in a neutral alcohol, or in a nobler alcohol such as Armagnac.
Then we slowly and homogenously heat up the pot. The very volatile alcohol vapours carry the concentrated aromas away through the still head.
Next, the swan’s neck guides the vapours towards the coil placed in a water cooling tank. Here the distillate condenses and can then be collected in the receiver: we refer to it as the Spirit of the plant or fruit.
The distillate is an aroma-rich, colourless 80% alcohol. The liqueur master’s meticulous craftsmanship is called upon to isolate the middle run (also called the hearts), the highest quality ingredient that is kept for the liqueur concoctions.

The Suprême Denoix

The Suprême Denoix or Eau de Noix is definitely our most prestigious liqueur.

We collect the walnuts at the beginning of July, when the kernel and the shell are not yet formed and the fruits are gorged with juice.  We crush the walnuts, collect their juice, and macerate and age it in alcohol in oak barrels for five years. This ageing process delivers to the juice the aromatic complexity of wood, and flavours of vanilla, cocoa and coffee.

The Suprême Denoix recipe then requires the delicate blending of walnut juice with Armagnac, Cognac, and wood-fired sugar syrup.


Our Other Liqueurs

Through maceration or distillation, we manufacture 13 distinct liqueurs.

Armagnac à l’Orange is among the favourites. This liqueur consists in the fine maceration of various types of orange peels in young Armagnac. The alcohol acquires a beautiful amber colour as well as the sweetest flavours extracted from the citruses.
A more intense aromatic concentration is then obtained by distilling the same peels in a new volume of Armagnac. The final liqueur is the combination of the two Armagnac eaux-de-vie with their own distinct aromas.
The Fenouillette de Brive is quite famous as well. Concocted from distilled fennel seeds and a sugar syrup cooked in a caldron, this liqueur releases a cool, refreshing and slightly aniseed flavour.

Lastly, the connoisseurs should not miss the Obazine, which squarely belongs to the traditional monastic liqueurs. A tasty, curative plant-based liqueur with complex and balanced flavours, it brings to mind thoughts of the Chartreuse, Benedictine (the famous liqueur of Normandy), or Cistercians liqueurs (like in Lérins monastery off the coast of Cannes).

Each of the plants that we use in our macerations contributes to the perfect balance of the liqueur, whether it be verbena with its lemony fragrance, refreshing peppermint, or the earthy flavour of angelica roots.


Walnut Wines

Through maceration or distillation, we manufacture 13 distinct liqueurs.

Who hasn’t tasted the walnut wine homemade by his/her country-living grandmother? It has the fine taste of the local product and the family tradition that continues to this day. 

Here in Maison Denoix, we wholeheartedly invest all our liqueur master’s and walnut specialist’s skills to the production of delicious walnut wines. Whether traditionally combined with white or red wine, sweet, or prepared with exotic orange and vanilla flavours, our aperitifs are sure to excite your taste buds and accompany your meals with family or friends.


Fruity and Festive Aperitifs!

Through maceration or distillation, we manufacture 13 distinct liqueurs.

Celebrating the major events of our lives with a good glass of wine has always been a long and honoured tradition in our culture. In the past, many a peace treaty, trade agreement and even family arrangement has been ratified with a few tasty sips. This is where the word “ratafia” comes from. Concocted from liqueur wine, fruits and eaux-de-vie, it is the ultimate festive aperitif.

We invite you to discover our wide range of ratafias: Walnut, Raspberry, Apple, Plum, Quince or Orange, you will find something for every taste here!


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